The Maple Lodge Farms Special Event Team is taking a little road trip this summer...make that a BIG road trip...about 7,000 kilometres wide of a road trip to be exact. From July 4 to August 3 2010, Grant, Kim, Cassandra, Natalie, Mike and Josh - 6 wicked young people from the GTA - will be hitting all the major cities across Canada, hosting free BBQs at grocery stores and head offices that Maple Lodge is in partnerships with. Traveling in a 70 foot tractor trailer from hotel to hotel, they're on a mission to get the nation hooked on chicken. So stop by this blog daily to see where they are, what they're up to, and maybe YOU will start craving an Ultimate Chicken Dog too.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Maple Lodge Farms and the Adventures of Day Nine - By Kimberly Ivany. Illustrated by Kimberly Ivany.

Once upon a time in a land far far away, the Maple Lodge Farms Special Events team put on a special event!

But this was was no ordinary special event. In fact, this was an exra-special event. Instead of a day-long grocery store extravaganza, this one was a lunch BBQ for the employees at the Sobeys Head Office in Edmonton, Alberta.

It was a rather dark and blustery day on that particular Monday, but that didn't stop the growling stomachs of the 200+ employees, who were all very hungry for some delicious wraps and hot dogs served from the awe-some Showtruck outside in the parking lot.

Meanwhile, the party continued inside the building, for Plinko was set up in the lunch room. So many people flocked the board within their lunch hour to win a duffel bag, a water bottle, even a yoga kit, and everyone who played had such a merry time.

The Special Events team was only at the head office for a few hours, but you can be sure that the Sobeys employees will remember their visit, as long as they have the chicken hats.

And so, event number three was finished. But this was only half of day nine's adventure for the Canadian crew from Maple Lodge. (Afterall, it's not all work and no play when you're touring the country.)

Back at the hotel, they all decided it was time to pull out their wallets for an afternoon of fun and excitement.

Why does Natalie stand there in awe, you ask? This is what she saw upon walking through entrance ten at the West Edmonton Mall.

Oh yes, upon their arrival at the commodification nation, the team hopped onto an INDOOR rollercoaster that put Top Gun to shame.

And they did more than that.

They galavanted down a European avenue,

they got splashed beside a wave pool,

they glided past an ice rink,

and they had a near run-in with Captain Jack Sparrow himself.

They even had a little visit with Dori and Nemo.

They got soulful,

They got silly,

and all in all had a lovely afternoon prancing about inside, sheltered from the rain, touring a place that the Georgetown Marketplace only dreams of becoming.


And such is the tale of the advenures that the Maple Lodge Farms Special Events team experienced on day nine of their cross-canada travels. With wraps served and money spent, they went to bed in Edmonton - only to wake up and say goodbye.

For the land of cowboys and bullfighters was on the horizon.

The End.

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